A Burnt Child
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A Burnt Child is a review of the LDS Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- or the Mormons as they are more commonly known - by a 40 year longtime faithful member of the Church. Although many Mormons would consider this book "anti Mormon", they would do so only for the very reasons show on the cover of the book.

I do not have an hidden agenda of getting anyone out of the Church and in fact sat on the manuscript for half a decade before finally deciding to go to press. Whether anyone is or is not a true believing Mormon or the same of any other high control group is irrelevant. Rather, I point the reader to overarching problems afflicting the story of Mormonism from day one right up to the current day. Problems with the official Church history are of course the body of the work, but the underlying problems with Mormonism are what afflicts not just Mormonism, but all other cults (and death cults) like it.

The reader is led to understand in detail the mind control methods of organizations of any kind, which almost universally do not have the best interests of their underlings in mind although they would argue they do. I may be considered uniquely qualified to write on the subject because not only did I walk the walk, but I though the thoughts. I knew the talk like few others as a well read student of Mormon doctrine. Having read the Book of Mormon some 24 times in multiple languages including thousands of pages of other materials, there are few common members who are as familiar with Mormonism as much as I. Over time, certain aspects of fairness of the Mormon religion came to a point, which led to a deeper and very painful research on the real history of the Church, something that is quite different from the official history taught by the LDS Church today. Forced into a corner, I set out to resolve serious problems with the LDS Church both historical and present day, and so I set out to do.

The result of that quest is this book.